My name is Darius and I am an artist. My passions are drawing, heavy metal, and feeling that we, artists and musicians, are motivating each other to live out our dreams. I was always deeply enthusiastic about the possibility of living a life of art, driven forward by my inner feelings, self-searching attempts, rather than by any external forced responsibilities, norms and always knew that the 8-5 grind is not for me. I see it over and over, the way that people slowly die, their mental states rotting away until there is nothing left. I believe that society is a killer of identity, creativity and you absolutely need freedom for healthy life.

To me, musicians and artists are meant to live out their passions and by drawing I try to help bands get there. I express my own passions for the darker side of the world in my drawing style and pen and ink is what shapes it. I draw heavy influence from such great artists as Mark Riddick, Chris Moyen, Godmachine, Defame, and Gustave Doré, and also the bands Motorhead, Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Darkthrone, Rotting Christ, Archgoat, Acid Witch, Stranguliatorius, Hellhookah, Gaahls Wyrd and many more are all idols of mine.

Familiar with depression and anxiety in my personal life, I see metal music and dark art as the way of getting in touch with myself and helping myself to cope. I want other rebellious, creative young people, who are going through the same thing to know that they are never alone and we are on the same journey!

R.I.P. My friend. Miss you!

The worst thing for creative people is to not be creative, because they just die – Jordan Peterson.

Group Gallery Exhibitions

2017 – MF Gallery’s 15th annual Halloween art show

2019 – Masinė hipnozė/Mass hypnosis , DEVILSTONE 2019 festival, Anykščiai, Lithuania