Most common T-Shirt printing methods

In this post I will share 2 most common T-Shirt printing methods with some advantages and disadvantages.

1. Screen Printing – best printing method if you want exceptional quality and longevity of your T-Shirt. When properly printed, it can last 20-30 years. One downside would be that you typically can’t order just one T-Shirt, because of the manufacturing process, and the minimum order can be 10,20,30… T-Shirt, it depends on the company. Also, it is the best to use as few colors as possible (1-2), because the price goes up with each color you want to use in your design.

2. Direct to Garments (DTG) – it is just like printing on paper, but the printer uses garments instead. The advantages would be: you can use any number of colors, you can print just 1 T-Shirt if you want. Downside would be that the longevity is not that great compared to screenprinted T-Shirt. It still can last couple years if well cared for.

The Worst thing a creative person can do

I really love studying Jordan Peterson, reading his book, watching his videos and studying his ideas and trying to apply them to myself and improve and understand myself. Yeah, that’s right, not all Metalheads are stupid alcohol and/or drug addicts. Okey just kidding, most of us are normal people, just little bit cooler ;).

So I came upon the nice Idea where Jordan Peterson is telling what is the worst thing that the creative people can do. I think it’s really interesting and it might be useful to someone else too. It’s explained in this short video: