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Focus on your strengths


Today I want to talk about what is the best way and has the biggest potential to help you succeed in life? These ideas, that I will talk about, are not mine and was talked about a lot of times by Gary Vee and the “internet” :). There is information all over the internet and I just accumulated it in my mind by reading, watching videos and learning stuff. I want to share that information and provide some value to the people.


There are 2 approaches to succeed in life – fix your weaknesses or go all in on your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. The first one would probably lead you to being a well rounded person, but most likely average, not great or amazing. Also trying to fix your weaknesses are very, very hard! The focus on your strengths instead is way easier since you are naturally talented and this approach has the potential to make you exceptional at small domain or skill set. If you choose to go with “focus on your strengths” approach later in life you just have to find people who are good at your weaknesses and you are good at their strengths to compensate. Actually, you would  naturally attract these people by being exceptional in some specific domain or skill set.


For example, I am not good at talking with large groups of people, so I will never try to be a public speaker, I am not that good at understanding people’s emotions, so I could probably never be a social worker. I am highly introverted and I hated to work in a call center job, that I’ve had. These skills/fields are just not me and they drain me a lot of energy while not giving me any pleasure. I would also suck so bad if I would try these things, but I don’t cry about it, because I understand that everyone is different and we all have our strengths and weaknesses, we are not perfect. On the other hand, I am good at making art, playing guitar, learning very quickly, creating goals and working on them consistently, planning into the future and staying on those plans, I am good at generating ideas… you get the point… I think we all should try to find what we are good at and focus on that 10x more than we are now. I will add one though from my own experience, if your weaknesses are very bad and they interrupt with your daily life big time, fix them a little bit, just enough to get by and forget them.


The hard part though is identifying your strengths, because most people are not that self aware and don’t know themselves very well. But there are ways to change that, you can know yourself better! They could be asking your friends and family, taking personality tests like MBTI or Jordan Peterson tests, reading and trying to learn as much as possible. Also trying lots and lots of things, I mean jobs, hobbies, living in another city and everything you can think off, try it for some time and evaluate… as Gary Vee would say, figure out what you are and do YOU!



And this is the artwork of mine illustrating Charles Bukowski quote “Find what you love and let it kill you.”, which essentially means the same thing, just in different wording.


Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below! I would greatly appreciate if you would write if you liked the post and if it gave you any value or how I could improve them post in the future.

What’s good about this 2020 covid19 crisis?


In this short blog post I want to talk a little bit about what’s good from this horrible Covid 19 crisis.


Since most of us are working or worked from home, it allowed us to have more free time, because we don’t need to drive to the office and no driving back home too. Also, we saved not only time, but money too, less money on fuel and food, since we don’t eat out as much now, which is expensive. I’ve also learned to cook food,  even better than I was able before, with all this time. Food is maybe a little bit healthier too since I prepare most of it myself with good ingredients.


The pandemic also gave me and probably some people too more vacations than usual, which is always a good thing. For some the crisis provided more time with their family and loved ones. Sure, I personally lost my job because of it, but that allowed me to work more on my own projects and have some time for self reflection with the slowed down pace of life.


In conclusion, this pandemic is not all bad, you probably saved some money, got way more free time and it provided the opportunities to try new things, learn new skills, self-reflect, work on self improvement and set your priorities straight for the future, when things get better.



Let me know what good things happened to you during this pandemic in the comments down below!

Hated school, hated university, hated all the 8-5 jobs


Hated school. Could not find friends that are similar to me, was a little weird I guess. Just felt different. Only thing from school that I loved was after school art class where I could draw and there were other people drawing around too. Well, I think I liked the physical education class too, but not the team sports like football or basketball, but solo ones like running, working with weights and bars, doing pushups.


Hated university. University was a little different though, since I was able to find similar people to me and made some friends. Was not feeling so alone or alienated anymore. But in general university course itself was pretty shit to be honest. Could not care less for it. Bunch of nonsense classes and pretty much a waste of a time. The only value it provided I think is overall life experience, when you start to live by yourself and outside of parents.


Hated every fuckin’ job that I’ve worked, let it be web development practise at the university, pizza delivery guy, IT customer support specialist,  or fraud prevention officer at the bank. Everywhere I felt like I am in a cage and I am not fitting in, I am an outsider, I just hate doing random nonsense work just to make a living. Also the fakery, when people pretend to like those meaningless jobs, or they say you just have to live with it, that’s the way it is, NO! I just wanted to scream and shout and say NO, that’s not the way to live, there must be another way!



Art and entrepreneurship feels like a best fit for me, it is where I live! It brings freedom to do what I want and when I want and it is a highest value to me. I don’t have to do meaningless work which will lead me nowhere. I can express myself creatively. I am my own boss, I make decisions. There is a possibility to earn a lot of money and the only limit is ME.


Anyone feeling the same? Let me know in the comments down below, would love to hear.


You will never be fully ready


In this short blog post I want to talk about being ready to start something, for example business, commissions, quitting your current job and finding a new one, starting a YouTube channel, it can be whatever that you want to start. You just not feel like you are good enough, like you are just not ready and you need to wait for a month, for a year, for 10 years… to be fully ready. For example, you want to start a YouTube channel and you feel like first you need to get a good camera to do that, because your videos will be shit if you film it with your phone right? Well NO, there is a bunch of people out there who starts with just a phone and over time they build their following, their skills, their quality and can actually afford a better camera. In other words, our doubts and insecurities tell us these stories that we are not good enough so we won’t change or do things, because human nature likes comfort in general and comfort is good enough, but is it good enough for you?


The thing is you will never feel fully ready and you don’t need to, you just have to start and do it. Same thing happened to me around 3 years ago when, I was about to start my art brand Grimsoul Art. At the beginning, I remember, I doubted myself and waited for like 3 weeks to a month before I finally had the strength to fill everything out legally, open up my website, upload my art and so on. I felt like – shit – now it is for real! Even after a few years, starting to write a blog was a bit scary too to begin. I felt like I will not know what to write about, no one will read my blog posts, they won’t be of a good enough quality or people won’t find any value in it… But like WHAT A HELL, I started, and over time, with persistence, I will learn to write them better, I will research the ideas to write about, maybe in the process I will gain a few readers who will find it valuable and interesting and if I suck at it, well, fuck then, at least I will know and start a new thing until something sticks. So starting and doing is THE KEY and over time it will get less and less scary, to try new ideas, to draw new things, to work with customers and continually build your brand and skills.


I think that happens in most aspects of our lives if we want to start something or to change something we feel fear and the old selves trying to talk us back from it, but if we can persist and accumulate the courage and strength we eventually feel good that we did it, we feel respect for yourselves, we gain confidence for doing it. That happened to me and it can surely happen to you too.




Let me know your thoughts and if you have had any similar experiences and/or questions!

What happened when I stopped caffeine ingestion


So one day I’ve decided to stop drinking coffee and black tea (and caffeine in general), just to see what happens to my body. I’ve also watched some videos on Youtube that caffeine is not very healthy on your body actually and it is a “drug” for sure. I also love self improvement of any kind and like to try ideas. I’ve been drinking 1-2 cups of strong coffee and a couple cups of black tea pretty much everyday. I know it’s not very heavy caffeine use, but still I wanted to try and see if I see any benefits on my body and mind without it.


So, after around 2 months I feel like my energy is much more stable, I also don’t have headaches (not 100% sure if it relates to that, but I strongly believe so) anymore and my anxiety decreased greatly. When I stopped drinking it, I realised that I really don’t need it that much, except from occasional thoughts on how it would be nice to drink a cup of coffee for the taste, but I can ignore it. I’ve also heard that digestion should be better without it too. I will stay without caffeine for sure, because the benefits are nice and are greater than my desire to drink it.

What improved my mental health


I’ve had several bouts of depression, anxiety, panic attacks in my teenage years, when I was in school and even in early years in the university. Nowadays (I am 26 now) I can say that most days I am feeling good, sometimes even great, I think I can safely say that I am not depressed anymore. Bad days when I am feeling down happens quite rarely now. My anxiety levels are way down too, and really is manageable, social anxiety still exists, but too much lesser degree and I have learned a lot of social skills to deal with people over the years. I needed some time to recognize that I am a different person now and 10 years before. I decided to share what helped me to deal with these mental health issues. Maybe it will be useful or interesting to someone else.

So the things that helped me personally:

1. Exercise – you will find it in every health article, but it really is true. I used to lift weights, was boxing for a couple of months, now I am riding a bike in the summer, going for a walks or sometimes even lift some weights, that I have in my home or do some pushups. Whatever you like, just do it, it will improve your overall health and you will feel happier.

2. Vitamin D, Magnesium, Fish oil – vitamin D was really a game changer for me, because for me it was really depleted and on the critical side, when tested. Low vitamin D can cause many problems including depression, anxiety, poor sleep. Once restored back to normal I have gained confidence, my anxiety levels went down, my mood improved and I seem to be just stable now most of the time.

I am living in Lithuania, where there is not a lot of sun, even in summer, so that might be the reason that my levels were very low. Also, I wasn’t going out a lot and was staying indoors most of my teenage years. And when the fall and winter comes there is no chance to make pretty much any of it from the sun, so the supplements are needed. In Lithuania ( and I suppose other northern countries) 9 out of 10 people lack vitamin D (use translator if you speak English).

Lithuanian vitamin D status article

Magnesium – really good at calming me down, helps sleep too and can cause depression, anxiety, panic if depleted.

Fish oil – it is proven that it helps depression and really it should be a supplement you take from time to time, because we don’t eat that much fat fish anyway, which has fish oil in it.

3. Having goals – for me having life goals really helped me, because I see myself doing something and moving forward. That really makes me feel good and gives some life purpose.

4. Sleep schedule is important – Jordan Peterson – a psychology professor, which I admire, said in one of his videos that having a consistent sleep schedule is very important, even if you are not depressed, because it regulates circadian rhythms and our neurotransmitters, which in turn our mood and energy levels. You can watch his video here:

5. Healthy foods – that’s a big one. Try to eat kebab, potato chips, sweets, cakes and overall processed foods, drink sugary drinks… for a year and see what happens. No wonder that these actions make you feel sick, it depletes your nutrients and just poison you, while providing very little nutritional value. Now change these things with real foods like eggs, fish, meat, bread, vegetables, buckwheat, fruits, nuts and so on… and you will see an improvement in your physical and mental health. Maybe you will lose some weight too or even gain some weight if you need to.

6. Being honest with myself – trying to not lie to myself, embracing that I am an introvert and need different ways to recharge and like different kind of fun helped me big time too. I don’t need to pretend, I can just be the way I am and that is a liberating feeling.

7. Heavy metal music – it really is a great way express your anger or frustration or other built up emotions by moshing or just headbanging to the music. Study finds that metal music helps fight depression:

Link to the study

8. Having hobbies – for example, playing electric guitar or computer games, makes me relax and express myself, just have fun without any commitment to someone else.

If you would want to ask or share something just let me know in the comments!


Doing things leads to motivation


Yes, that’s right! Actually going and doing things produces motivation and drive to keep you doing more and more, not the other way around. You don’t need to have motivation to start to do something, to create an artwork for example or film a video. You just have to push though that initial resistance and maybe a little pain and do the thing. Then what happens, you start to get a little drive to keep going, to finish the thing, you start to feel good about yourself, you finish the thing. Then you get even more motivation and you might want to improve on your previous project and then you build a momentum and it’s not that hard to keep going, because the dopamine (motivation brain chemical) keeps you going and excited. In the end of the day you have got 1000 YouTube videos done and you feel great, you are damn proud about yourself and you should be, because you worked hard for it and deserved it 100%! All you needed was just a little patience to push through that initial stage.

The Worst thing a creative person can do


I really love studying Jordan Peterson, reading his book, watching his videos and studying his ideas and trying to apply them to myself and improve and understand myself. Yeah, that’s right, not all Metalheads are stupid alcohol and/or drug addicts. Okey just kidding, most of us are normal people, just little bit cooler ;).

So I came upon the nice Idea where Jordan Peterson is telling what is the worst thing that the creative people can do. I think it’s really interesting and it might be useful to someone else too. It’s explained in this short video: