Frequently Asked Question About Illustration Service

1. How much the illustration costs?

I usually have no set price for my illustrations and every project is different. It depends on the complexity and how fast you want it compeled.

2. How long it takes for you to complete the illustration?

Usually it takes 7-10 business days, but it depends on how bussy I am and the time-frame can wary. Better to ask me on the specific project.

3. What are payment methods?

PayPal. 50% non-refundable deposit to get the ball rolling and 50% leftover when the final design is finished and approved. Bank Transfer is available if you are from Lithuania.

4. What rights do I get?

You get all the rights (unless agreed on different terms), including commercial use, only right I keep to myself is that I am the author of the design and I am going to use the illustration on my portfolio and social media for marketing purposes, but the work will not be sold to someone else.

5. Can I get an invoice?

Yes if there is a need I can send you an invoice. If you need an invoice I would like to have your full name and address. If you are not comfortable giving out your address I am fine with just a full name or company name.

6. How about contract/agreement?

We can sign a contract for sure, but if the project is small I suggest not to waste our time and let this FAQ to be an our aggreement about how things goes.

7. What files will be delivered?

You will get 1200 dpi .tiff, .png and color separated .psd source file. Vector file is usually not possible due to the nature of the drawing being drawn by hand on paper and not by vector software. In some cases, when the drawing is not detailed and simple, the original drawing can be vector traced (creating vector file automatically with plugin in computer software) without too much distortion or details loss, but usually my work is too detailed, so too much details for the computer too process and vector tracing is not possible. That should not discourage you though, since many print companies accept .tiff, .png and .psd files and only some work strictly with vector files only.

8. What tools are you using?

For the most part I use Sukura Pigma Micron pens also some black markers for the drawing itself and for a background I use Indian Black Ink and brush. Of course and a pencil for a sketch. Then after scanning some graphic tablet and digitall inking, if needed, to finalize and clean up the design.

9. If it is written that the work is sold to other client on your website can you sell it to me too?

In most cases no, but I would be happy to create something similar, just let me know what you like about the design and we might be able to work something out.

10. What is the process from start to finish?

Once we agree on the price, delivery time, project description and other things like invoices/contracts (if needed) I will wait for the deposit payment. After I get 50% deposit I will start working on a pencil sketch. After sketching is done, I will send it to you to take a look at and possibly give me some comments if needed. After I get your revisions I will apply them and start working on the finished piece. Then I will send the preview images off a finished piece and will wait for 50% leftover fee. After I have got a whole agreed fee I will send a final high resolution and source files.